Applications: OPENING Barnett Street Extension; CLOSURE–Peter Harkness Lane - GAS BAR on 174

Here is a proposal that has been submitted to the City of Ottawa that will affect our community. There will be a public meeting, we will keep you informed. Please take a moment to read through the proposal/implications. Here is an email the Cumberland Community Association sent to the planner at the city.

Hi Laurel
I'm with the Cumberland Community Association and have just received information on this proposed road change in our village. (Our president, Clive Horne, is out for the country for a couple of weeks so I thought I would pass on some thoughts.)

I don't think the road change proposal is an issue although I understand that no further changes would be occurring to the 174 until the EA is completed in 2014. The proposed road change makes sense for residents on Barnett.

As you likely know, Ottawa Road 174 is currently the subject of an Environmental Assessment (EA) due to be completed in 2014. This EA is considering the broad issue of how the transportation system in the east end of the city can best be upgraded to accommodate the current and long term future growth of Clarence-Rockland and areas beyond, recognizing that the City’s priority is enhanced public transportation rather than increased roads. It is currently examining three options, two of which include a connector road from the 174 and Trim to link with an east highway to Clarence Rockland which would service many growing communities of the south and east region of the City of Ottawa and Clarence Rockland resulting in significantly reduced the traffic volumes on OR 174. In the event that the EA rules out widening the OR174 east of Trim Road and proposes instead a parkway with reduced speed limits and a multiuse pathway linking to the North Service Road pathway and Petrie Island, the proposed commercial development of a "Gasbar" is questionable.

Based on our previous extensive discussions related to the Cardinal Creek VIllage development, I question whether this road/commercial proposal can be approved prior to the outcome of the 174EA. While we are very interested in encouraging and supporting commercial development in our community we are keen that it will further improve the community and contribute to and enhance its rural character and attributes.

Would you please put us on your distribution list for this project. Thanks.

Kind regards
Anda Bruinsma

Cumberland Community Association
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