Cumberland Group Homes

Group homes are set up to accommodate people who for one reason or another cannot look after themselves adequately, usually because of some form of disability.  In these homes professional staff supervise their activities and maintain a comfortable, but secure, environment.

Most of these homes blend in with their communities so well that many of neighbours do not even know they are there, but occasionally some difficulties do arise.  In Cumberland Estates we have been hosting three such homes for many years without any problem, but this year one of these homes has a group of residents who have been disturbing many of the neighbouring residents.

Since these homes are governed by provincial regulations the city cannot do much to address such disturbances; rather, they have to be brought to the attention of the provincial authorities, who then have to address them, and devise appropriate remedial measures. 

Therefore any incident resulting from residents of the Group Homes in Cumberland, should contact our MPP, Grant Crack, at, and report the disturbance to the Ottawa police at 613-236-1222.