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June 2014

·         Farm Grant Program

·         Rural Association Partnership Program – Apply now for round-two funding

·         City of Ottawa Physical Activity and Sport Strategy for Rural Residents

·         Keep on an eye out for Wild Parsnip this spring!

·         Select City Services now available in Barrhaven

·         Savour Ottawa: How to tell if it's from a local farm

·         Farmers’ Markets in Rural Ottawa

·         Join us at the Cumberland Farmers’ Market for Seniors’ Day

·         Constance Bay – Good Food Market

·         Send us your rural Canada Day events

·         Rural Development Applications

Farm Grant Program

City Council approved a Farm Grant Program to provide financial relief to working farmers. The grant program will assist eligible farm property owners by allowing the June final tax instalment to be paid in December.

To qualify for the grant, the following conditions must be met:

·         The property must be defined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation in the farmlands property class

·         The property must not be owned by a commercial enterprise

·         Taxes have been paid up to date before the June instalment

·         The final  tax instalment billed (mailed May) is paid in full in early December

How the program will work:

·         Penalty charges will continue

·         Notification of the amount to be paid will be communicated to you in the fall

·         The grant amount will be the equivalent of the penalty charges and fees added to your account during the deferral

·         The City will automatically calculate and apply a credit for the grant amount to your tax account; there is no application to fill out

Should you have any questions, please contact Revenue Branch from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (June to August 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) at 613-580-2444. TTY: 613-580-2401.

Rural Association Partnership Program – Apply now for round-two funding

If you are an Ottawa organization operating rural fairs, rural farmers’ markets or rural business organizations such as Chamber of Commerce and Business Improvement Areas, you may be eligible for funding of up to $7,500 through the City of Ottawa’s Rural Association Partnership Program (RAPP).

The second-round of RAPP funding is now available with applications being accepted until Friday, August 22 at 4 pm.

The objectives of the RAPP are:

·         To provide project based funding that supports the main priorities for rural organizations.

·         To contribute to the City’s rural economic health by supporting projects that will assist Ottawa’s rural business organizations, fairs and farmers markets achieve sustainability and capitalize on the proximity to Ottawa’s large urban market.

·         To assist in promoting Ottawa’s rural identity to both residents and tourists.

·         To provide economic benefits to small and medium sized enterprises in Ottawa’s rural communities.

·         Assist rural communities to overcome the business development challenges associated with smaller local population base.

·         To increase the capacity for rural communities to provide a quality visitor experience.

More information, including guidelines and an application form, can be found on the Rural Association Partnership Program webpage at

Prospective RAPP applicants are encouraged to contact the Rural Affairs Office at or 613-580-2424 ext. 28352 to discuss their proposal prior to submitting an application.

City of Ottawa Physical Activity and Sport Strategy for Rural Residents

The City of Ottawa is working in partnership with the Ottawa Sport Council ( to develop a municipal sport strategy.

You are invited to complete an online survey designed to collect general information from individuals living in rural Ottawa about their preferences regarding participation in physical activity, fitness and/or sport programs in Ottawa and/or the barriers they may face in trying to do so.  The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. The results of this survey will be kept confidential and will be used for research purposes only.  You will not be required to identify yourself.  No e-mail addresses will be collected if you choose to participate in the online survey.  The survey will be available for completion until July 7, 2014.  Feel free to share this link with any friends, family or contacts who you believe would appreciate voicing their opinions, concerns, feedback.

Rural Residents Survey Sport Strategy:

Keep on an eye out for Wild Parsnip this spring!

Residents are reminded to keep an eye out for Wild Parsnip this spring. 

Wild Parsnip is a hazardous weed that is commonly found within the City of Ottawa in areas of uncultivated land, roadside ditches, nature trails, as well as surrounding rural and residential properties.  Wild Parsnip can reproduce at a very rapid rate and can then be spread to adjacent areas by the wind.   It sometimes goes by the name poisonous parsnip, and it is part of the carrot/parsley family.

Wild Parsnip is a highly branched plant, with hollow green stems.  The compound leaves are green and dense growing.  The yellow flowers are in clusters of up to 20 cm across.  The plant can grow to a height of 0.5 to 1.5 meters.  It is a biennial plant, reproducing only by seed.  The images below show the plant leaves and flowers.


Recorded incidents of Wild Parsnip have increased in Ottawa over the last three years.  It is possible to control wild parsnip through early identification and mechanically cutting the plant below the surface of the soil.  Do not burn or compost wild parsnip plants that have been dug up.

Wild Parsnip may pose a health risk to people.  The plant sap contains chemicals that will cause skin irritation and make the skin prone to severe burning and blistering when exposed to the sun.   The best way to avoid contact with wild parsnip is to become familiar with what the plant looks like.  When working outside in your garden, field or lawn, always wear protective clothing, including gloves, long-sleeved shirts, pants and eye protection.  Do not allow children to play in areas infected with wild parsnip.

When found on farmland, Wild Parsnip may reduce the quality of forage crops such as hay, oats and alfalfa, and it may affect the quality of health of livestock animals that may ingest it.

The City of Ottawa will continue to monitor the incidence of Wild Parsnip and, work within approved funding and resources to align grass cutting cycles with the maturation cycle of the plant. 

Find out more about Wild Parsnip at

Savour Ottawa: How to tell if it's from a local farm

The Savour Ottawa brand provides you with instant recognition for local agricultural products. When you see the Savour Ottawa logo at farmers' markets, butcheries, retail grocery stores and more, you can feel assured that each product or establishment with the logo has undergone a verification process to ensure that they are using local food in their products, or are a local producer. To learn more about Savour Ottawa visit or

Farmers' Markets in Rural Ottawa

Farmers' markets are now open across rural Ottawa. Be sure to visit for the vegetables, fruit, meat, arts and crafts and other products that local producers have to offer.

·         Carp Farmers' Market

·         Cumberland Farmers' Market

·         Manotick Farmers’ Market

·         Metcalfe Farmers' Market

·         North Gower Farmers' Market

Join us at the Cumberland Farmers’ Market for Seniors’ Day

  • In addition to the various market vendors, City of Ottawa information booths will be on hand with staff available to talk about the many different programs and services of interest to older adults.

Cumberland Farmers’ Market

  • Saturday July 19, 2014
  • 8 am to 1 pm
  • R.J. Kennedy Community Centre
  • 1115 Dunning Road, Cumberland

Constance Bay – Good Food Market

  • Good Food Markets sell a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as dried goods and at affordable prices for the whole community to enjoy. Come by, meet your neighbours, and eat healthy!
  • Information:
  • Dates: Saturday June 21, Saturday July 19, Saturday August 16, and Saturday August 30
  • Time: 10 am to 2 pm

Location: Constance and Buckham’s Bay Community Centre, 262 Len Purcell Drive

Send us your rural Canada Day events

  • Having a Canada Day party in your community? Send us your information and we will post it on a special section of our Rural Events page at Please be sure to include: name of event, location, brief overview of activities, time, contact information and fee if applicable. You can submit your information online or e-mail it to


Please see below for recently updated development applications in rural (WARD 19) Ottawa, subject to public consultation. More information at

Ward 19 – Cumberland

3230 Sarsfield Road D07-16-13-0022

Plan of Subdivision

Application Reactivated

Jun 6, 2014

1079 Old Montreal Road
1095 Old Montreal Road
1099 Old Montreal Road
1105 Old Montreal Road
1108 Old Montreal Road
1112 Old Montreal Road
1116 Old Montreal Road
1123 Old Montreal Road
1128 Old Montreal Road
1138 Old Montreal Road
1154 Old Montreal Road
1161 Old Montreal Road
1171 Old Montreal Road
1172 Old Montreal Road
1176 Old Montreal Road
1180 Old Montreal Road
1183 Old Montreal Road
1195 Old Montreal Road
1199 Old Montreal Road
1201 Old Montreal Road
1208 Old Montreal Road
1211 Old Montreal Road
1213 Old Montreal Road
1222 Old Montreal Road
1223 Old Montreal Road
1225 Old Montreal Road
1226 Old Montreal Road
1230 Old Montreal Road
1241 Old Montreal Road
1291 Old Montreal Road


Zoning By-law Amendment

By-law Passed - In Appeal Period

Jun 6, 2014

3505 Trim Road  D02-02-14-0014

Zoning By-law Amendment

By-law Passed - In Appeal Period

May 28, 2014

2075 Trim Road  D02-02-14-0034

Zoning By-law Amendment

Comment Period has Ended/Issue Resolution

May 15, 2014

255 Wall Road
261 Wall Road
2635 Mer Bleue Road
2643 Mer Bleue Road
2659 Mer Bleue Road


Plan of Subdivision

Comment Period has Ended/Issue Resolution

May 2, 2014

2725 Old Montreal Road  D07-12-14-0008

Site Plan Control

Comment Period has Ended/Issue Resolution

May 2, 2014

5574 Rockdale Road  D07-12-14-0007

Site Plan Control

Application Reactivated

Apr 24, 2014

2405 Mer Bleue Road
2496 Tenth Line Road


Official Plan Amendment

Application Reactivated

Apr 22, 2014

5574 Rockdale Road  D02-02-13-0099

Zoning By-law Amendment

Application Reactivated

Apr 15, 2014

5341 Boundary Road  D07-12-12-0210

Site Plan Control

Application on Hold

Mar 20, 2013