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February 2019


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What’s New

·         Snow Go Program

·         Skating in Rural Ottawa

·         License Free Family Fishing

·         Budget Consultations

·         Canadian Federation of Agriculture – Annual General Meeting

·         Snow Angels Program

·         Winter Farmers Market

·         Winter Weather

·         Stormwater Management

·         Recreation and Parks Funding : Community Partnership Minor/Major Capital Programs

·         Summer Employment Recruitment

·         March Break Activities

·         Rural Development Applications


Snow Go Program

Need help clearing your driveway and/or walkway during the winter? The Snow Go Program can help you! This program is divided into two parts to match your individual needs to the appropriate service. The two programs are as follows:

·         The Snow Go Program provides a matching service for seniors and people with disabilities looking to hire an individual or contractor to clear snow from private driveways and walkways. Residents who participate in this program are responsible for paying the individual or contractor removing the snow.

·         The Snow Go Assist Program provides financial assistance to eligible low-income seniors or persons with disabilities looking to hire an individual or contractor to clear snow from private driveways and walkways.  Approved participants may be reimbursed for 50% of the cost of snow clearing per event, up to a seasonal maximum of $250. Rural applicants who pay excessively high costs for snow removal, as defined by staff, are eligible up to 50% of the cost of snow clearing for their private driveways and walkways per event, up to a maximum of $450 per term.

Check to find the agency that services your neighbourhood

Skating in Rural Ottawa

Check out the City’s new website to find out information about the outdoor rinks in the rural area including their conditions. The new website features an online map showing all of the City’s outdoor rink locations.

The City of Ottawa also offers a searchable public skating schedule. Personalize your search and find a public skating schedule that works for you.

License Free Family Fishing

Twice a year, Canadian residents can fish in Ontario without buying a fishing licence, during:

  • Family Fishing Weekend in February
  • Family Fishing Week in July

The next licence-free period is February 16-18, 2019.

Ward 20 and Ward 21 – 2019 Budget Consultations

Councillor led public consultation meeting dates:

Tuesday, February 12, 2019,

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Osgoode Community Centre

5660 Main Street

Osgoode, ON

Get involved in Budget 2019 -

Canadian Federation of Agriculture – Annual General Meeting

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture is having their 2018 Annual General Meeting at the Marriott Hotel (100 Kent St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5R7). The event begins Wednesday, February 27 and continues through to Thursday, February 28th.

Snow Angels Program

Do you know a Snow Angel who deserves recognition?

A Snow Angel is a neighbour or friend who has volunteered to help you, or someone you know who needs some assistance by clearing snow or ice from their property.

If you know of a resident of Ottawa who is a Snow Angel, the City of Ottawa wants to thank them!

Snow Angels will be recognized with a certificate signed by Mayor Jim Watson and a custom keychain with a snowflake symbol and Ottawa logo.

To nominate a Snow Angel, please provide the name and address of the candidate, as well as relevant details (who they are helping and how) by one of the following methods:

  • Email:
  • Mail:  Attention: Snow Angel Program, City of Ottawa, 100 Constellation Crescent, 5th floor, K2G 6J8

Fax:  613-580-9605 Attention: Snow Angel Program

Winter Farmers Market

Come out and support local producers and farms! Just because it is winter, there is no reason to miss out on getting locally grown food. From January through the end of April, the Lansdowne Farmers Market is open Sundays from 10:00am – 3:00pm in the Aberdeen Pavilion, Lansdowne Park.

Driving? Lansdowne is best accessed using the entrance at Queen Elizabeth Drive, where they now have a sign to mark it. Underground parking is available underneath Lansdowne, and limited street level parking is also available. Underground parking is $1.50/30 minutes. Parking along Bank Street is also available, free of charge, on Sundays.

Winter Weather

Visit the City’s winter maintenance page for information on city operations and what residents can do to prepare for the season.

Stormwater Management

Too much of a good thing

Ottawa’s low-lying geography means that parts of our city are prone to flooding. The effects of the 2017 spring flooding are still fresh in the minds of those in Fitzroy Harbour, Constance Bay, Cumberland, Britannia and Rockcliffe Park.

That’s where stormwater management comes in.

Stormwater infrastructure is the flashy term that refers to the network of ponds, roadside ditches, municipal rain gardens, storm sewers, storage tanks, culverts and catch basins that help to control runoff.

Runoff occurs when rain lands on hard surfaces, such as roads and roofs, and then makes its way to streams or rivers. When rain falls at an intense rate, our waterways and the ground beneath us can reach a saturation point where they cannot absorb any more water. In the spring, melting snow can be a major contributor.

Shoring up

Like any other type of infrastructure, maintenance is a key part of stormwater management: 

·         Ottawa’s street cleaning programs help to prevent debris and pollutants from entering our stormwater system.

·         Ditches are re-levelled and kept clear of debris and overgrowth that would interfere with water flow.

·         Sewers, culverts, filtration systems and underground storage tanks are inspected, cleaned, and undergo regular maintenance. 

·         Staff monitor and inspect stormwater ponds regularly, and remove built-up sediment.

The City currently operates and maintains more than 6,000 culverts, mostly in the rural areas, and has 375 stormwater management facilities, including 27 in rural communities. These include dry ponds, wet ponds, oil and grit separator units, and stormwater control structures.  More facilities are being added all the time, to help Ottawa’s stormwater infrastructure keep up with the pace of development.

Find out more about stormwater management, and learn how you can reduce your impact on stormwater.

Recreation and Parks Funding : Community Partnership Minor/Major Capital Programs

The Community Partnership Minor and Major Capital Programs are initiatives designed to implement capital improvements to parks and recreation facilities by partnering with community groups and sharing costs. For more information about these programs please visit the City’s website.

Note that the deadline to apply for the Community Partnership Major Capital Program is March 1, 2019. 

Note that the deadline to apply for the Community Partnership Minor Capital Program is May 1, 2019.

Summer Employment Recruitment

Students interested in summer employment with the City of Ottawa can apply online. The Summer Student Employment Program is a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience and insight into today's workforce, discover a career path, showcase skills and enhance academic goals. Positions are available in the many different areas.

For more information including eligibility criteria and other requirements, visit The 2019 Summer Student Employment Campaign will be open from February 4 to March 1, 2019.

March Break Activities

From crafts to sports, the City of Ottawa has lots of activities for your family during the week of March 11-15, 2019 in recreation and culture facilities, pools and arenas. Find active and interesting camps in your neighbourhood or a specialty camp for the athlete or artist. For more information visit:

Rural Development Applications

Please see below for recently updated development applications in rural Ottawa, subject to public consultation. More Information at: devapps.

Ward 5 – West Carleton-March

Ward 19 – Cumberland (includes rural and suburban properties)

Ward 20 – Osgoode

Ward 21 – Rideau Goulbourn

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