Prescott-Russell politicians fume as Hwy. 174 widening falls off Ottawa’s to-do list

Traffic congestion on Ottawa Road 174, particularly east of Trim Road, is not going to be resolved soon.

The Mayor of Russel Township, M. Jean Paul St. Pierre's frustration is shared by the Village of Cumberland and surrounding City of Ottawa residents, however, his comparision to road development in the west end of Ottawa while relevant, did not result in solutions of widening a road immediately adjacent to the Ottawa River and intentionally avoided destroying existing villages there. A comprehensive transportation solution is required for the growing eastern regions of Ottawa and beyond and the current traffic issues will not be solved by the simple widening of an existing road which will destroy so many lives and a long community history. 

While we all look forward to a solution to the ongoing and increasing congestion we ask that you respect the current driving conditions and recognize that many people live along this road and cross it in the Village. It is still illegal to pass a left turning vehicle on the right shoulder and the speed limit is 90kph except through the Village where it is reduced to 70kph.

Getting home or to work a couple of minutes faster is not worth dying or killing someone else for. 

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