Get your creative juices flowing for the Cumberland Scarecrow Festival!

By popular demand the Cumberland Scarecrow Festival is back again this year! You may remember the interesting, scary, friendly, frightening and down right odd scarecrows that appeared during the last two weeks of October last year. They were such a distraction at 'Canci Corner' that traffic at Cameron and Old Montreal Road was witnessed at a complete standstill as people leaned out of their cars to take photos. They brought a smile or a chuckle to many who passed them.

Well beginning October 19th, we anticipate a deluge of scarecrows will make their way to "Canci Corner'. Some will come by car or truck, some along the sidewalks, some will just materialize right there in the grass. However they arrive, we look forward to a huge crowd of creative, creepy, original, imaginative, inspired, unusual, artistic, weird, inventive and funny scarecrows to gather for the CUMBERLAND SCARECROW FESTIVAL on SUNDAY, October 27th from 2-4pm at Canci Corner (Cameron at Old Montreal Road). There will be hotdaogs, hot chocolate, treats and Prize ribbons. Come and join the fun, bring a lawn chair and watch the effect that a gathering of scarecrows has. Its a riot and the kids love it!