Our own Vincent De Haitre goes to Sochi

Vincent De Haître of Cumberland is just 19. He has been part of Speed Skating Canada’s development program and has raced in World Cup 1,500-metre events at Calgary and Salt Lake City, but even he concedes that the original plan had him targeting the 2018 Winter Games at Pyeongchang, South Korea. 

After De Haître won the men’s 1,000 metres in the Canadian Olympic team trials and finished third in the 1,500 he was on his way to Sochi with Team Canada. “For me it’s going to be a learning experience, and I really couldn’t be any more thankful to have teammates that are willing to help,” he said. “I hope that going to these Olympics will set me up to be more comfortable the next time around.”

Speed skater Vincent de Haitre came in first with a time of 1:08.37 during the 2014 speed skating team selections in the 1000m mens race at the Calgary Olympic Oval in Calgary on December 30, 2013.

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