Rural Community-Building Grants

We would love to hear your ideas of projects for Cumberland that the Community Association could apply to get funded through this City of Ottawa program. Please see program details below or at  Send an email to info@cumberland with your ideas. We would love to know your preferences and priorities.

The Rural Community-Building Grants Program is designed to support rural-based community project undertakings by non-profit organizations such as community associations and agricultural groups. Funding is project-based, with a defined beginning and end and measurable outcomes.

Assessment is based on the merit of the project, community impact, and organizational effectiveness. Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year and are evaluated quarterly by a review committee.  

Rural Community Building Grants Program – Guidelines

Eligibility of applicant

In accordance with the City of Ottawa Grants and Contributions Policy, funding is limited to organizations that:  

  • Are non-profit organizations that are active in rural Ottawa and recognized as supporting local community and/or agricultural activities and programs.
  • Operate in a non-discriminatory manner, as set out by the Ontario Human Rights Code.
  • Are governed by a democratically elected Board of Directors
  • Demonstrate efficiency, effectiveness and fiscal responsibility
  • Remain in good financial standing with the City of Ottawa

Further, the following types of organizations/programs are ineligible for funding:

  • Persons, associations and non-profit organizations where a lawsuit by such person, associations or organizations is still pending against the City
  • For profit organizations or ventures
  • Non-profit organizations sponsoring for-profit organizations
  • Organizations with a political affiliation or which participate in political activities
  • Organizations which act primarily as a funding source for other groups
  • Faith organizations where the services/activities include the promotion and/or required adherence to a faith
  • Programs within the legislated mandate of other governments or City departments
  • Provincial/national organizations, unless a local chapter/branch exists to serve the residents of the City of Ottawa

Eligibility of proposal

Projects must be of demonstrable benefit to rural Ottawa residents. Rural Ottawa is defined as the Rural Policy Area in the Official Plan. Eligible projects may include local community association activities, facility improvements and agricultural group projects.

Funding will not be provided for:

  • Retroactive costs – any costs incurred before a proposal is submitted
  • Costs that are the responsibility of another level of government or funding program
  • Costs for which an organization would reasonably be expected to make provisions for in the general daily administration of their organization; i.e. ongoing activity / business as usual
  • Programs within the legislated mandate of other governments or City departments
  • Sponsorships
  •  Increasing a surplus or offsetting an existing financial deficit
  • Fundraising projects and initiatives
  • Sports and recreation tournaments and events

How to create a proposal

Funding requests should have an outline of the project being proposed with all activities and the proposed budget. The proposal should outline the work to be done and detail the goals, objectives, tasks and resources. The plan should be linked to the budget and include the timelines for completion. The project budget should summarize the overall project costs, broken down by budget item. The budget must also identify the proposed source of funds, including other grants from any other sources, including other municipal, provincial and/or federal grants. If the project involves purchasing goods and services the applicants must demonstrate that the process for selecting a provider involves open competition, ensures value-for money; and is ethical and fair.

Completed proposals must be submitted directly to the Rural Affairs Office and must include all applicable items below:

  • Organization details including: organization name, organization contacts, a copy of the minutes from the most recent Annual General Meeting, the details of the governance structure and a copy of the most recent financial statements
  • An outline of the project, its objectives, benefits to the rural community, and proposed dates;
  • Evidence of the need for a project
  • The level of funding sought through this grant program, and the proposed timing of payments in the event the proposal is successful
  • Details of other funding sources for the project, including other City grants and/or other government programs
  • If the organization applying for the funding is acting on behalf of a property owner for the grants program, authorizing documentation from the property owner must be provided
  • An itemized budget that is supported by evidence of cost estimates (including supplier quotes where appropriate)
  • Evidence of other support (including in-kind) as appropriate
  • Information on how the project or its outcomes will be sustained after the funding period.

Include the following statement in your proposal, followed by signature(s) of at least two individuals authorized to bind the organization:

The undersigned certifies that all information provided to the City of Ottawa in support of this request for funding is true and complete, and undertakes to provide any further information that may be required for City of Ottawa to render a decision, in a timely manner. The undersigned also herewith provides consent for the City of Ottawa to make sufficient credit and other enquiries that may be necessary in the evaluation of this request for funding.

Completed proposals can be emailed, mailed, hand delivered, or faxed.

City of Ottawa - Rural Affairs Office
110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1
613-580-2424 x:28352
fax: 613-580-2827

Please note that the City of Ottawa is subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.M.56, as amended (“MFIPPA”) with respect to, and protection of, information under its custody and control. Accordingly, all documents provided to the City in the Rural Community-Building Grant Program proposal may be available to the public unless the party submitting the information requests that it be treated as confidential.