We need your help - Cumberland Community OUTDOOR RINK

Have you or your family ever used the outdoor rink at the community centre. This rink is very popular and is established, maintained and supervised entirely by volunteers. We really need your help to keep this wonderful activity alive.

In previous years, the unwavering efforts of Tyler Nuttall and Scott Toner, to maintain the rink surface and organize enough adult volunteers to supervise 30 hours a week skating time, provided our community with a wonderful outdoor rink for families and especially children to enjoy wintertime outdoors. Additionally, for proving this service for the community each year, the Cumberland Community Association has been the beneficiary of a city grant which supports activities the CCA organizes for the community.

Unfortunately, this year Tyler has other commitments. Scott has worked diligently to establish the ice surface but has not been able to find volunteers to cover the 30 hours of supervised skating commitment required thereby jeopardizing the grant.  We are 20 hours per week short.

PLEASE consider giving a few hours a week to the community through out the skating season, while spending time with your family and friends. If you cannot commit to regular supervision perhaps you can pick days when you could be present for a few hours. The City requires a copy of the supervisory schedule before the holidays so please, please, in the spirit of generosity of the season, this does not cost you any money but provides tremendous joy.

Please contact Clive Horne (clivehorne@rogers.com or 613 833-2054) before this weekend so we do not have to curtail any of the community activities the CCA sponsors.