Check the Site Plan for Cardinal Creek Village - 13 hectares of Big Box Store Commercial

The site paln shows the entire northern boundary (22 soccer fields) of the Cardinal Creek Village development bordering the Ottawa River is going to be BIG BOX STORE Commercial development. This absence of capitalizing on the proximity to our most valued resource is a profound blemish on an otherwise potentially unique and stunning planned community.

We need your help to get Planning Committee's attention around this travesty on Tuesday and demand alternatives to the already 'out-of-fashion' box store experience. Look at what is happening in Westboro and Hintenburg and they don't even have the advantage of the river. Why must we settle for something so out of step with the future? This is an issue for all of Ottawa. Does the Capital of Canada want to be defined by massive sprawling box store development on the shores of the Ottawa River?

Our petition for a better plan is gaining momentum. You can sign it at the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning or you can email community@cumberlandillage and enter NO BOX STORES ON THE OTTAWA RIVER in the subject line. Add your name and postal code and a comment if you like.

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