Media tweets from City Hall @ Planning Committee re: Cardinal Creek

David Reevely blogs live from the Planning Committee Meeting on June 25, 2013. He captures the gist of the Cardinal Creek Village discussion. Rainer Bloess questioned the magnitude and style of the proposed commercial development along the edge of OR174 in support of the efforts made by the Cumberland Community Association and individual residents.

·         Anda Bruinsma paints a picture of a beautiful walkable area close to the river, which this plan will not create. Boardwalk, etc.

·         The commercial area and highway will cut the highway off from the river, Bruinsma says. It's a bad plan.

·         Blais challenges Bruinsma. If the box stores aren't built, won't more people drive out of the area and get stuck in traffic?

·         She shoots back that those stores are aimed at drive-by traffic stopping in.

·         The area is really nice in its concept, AB says. But there's this big drive-in parking lot box complex by the river that makes no sense.

·         Next up: the builders. Ted Philips of Tamarack, Wendy Nott and Richard Harrison.

·         Phillips thanks city staff. He thinks new planning approvals manager Fel Petti (who's an engineer, not a planner) has learned a lot.

·         The community's put a lot into this, too, Philips says.

·         (Philips, in untucked green shirt and jeans, does not present the usual image of a development executive.)

·         It IS a bit disappointing to see objections here based on a traffic estimate for a massive commercial development we are not planning.

·         The urban form is very, well, urban, Nott says. This is not an ordinary large-format commercial development,.

·         The style is really important for this high-profile location.

·         It's a mixed-use area, Philips says. It's an opportunity to bring people to the river. We WANT people to sit with a tea.

·         But "this is the very first step of a very long process," TP says. This is just an official plan amendment. Zoning, etc., to come.

·         They don't anticipate anything like asking for site-plan approval for, like, three to five years, TP says.

·         How do we settle the community down? Hume asks. Is there some additional motion to lock in what you've just said?

·         A mere five councillors at the table, BTW. Not sure what quorum is, but it's got to be close.