Gas Bar Proposal Reactivated

Gas Bar Proposal Reactivated

On October 1, 2015, a development application for a gas bar, convenience store and drive through coffee shop at 2725 Old Montreal Road was reactivated after being on hold for several months. To recap, a Markham, Ontario based developer has applied to close a portion of Peter Harkness Lane from Regional Road 174 to Sparkle Street and to extend Barnett Drive approximately 130 metres to connect to Regional Road 174. The business would be located on the southwest corner of the 174 and the Barnett Drive extension.

At a public meeting in June 2013 and subsequently, Cumberland residents raised a number of concerns about the proposal, including the impact on local businesses, neighbours and commuters on Regional Road 174. A further concern is that a drive through fa cility is incompatible with the character of an historic rural village like Cumberland and the community’s vision for future growth.

On June 20, 2014, The City provided its comments and public feedback to the developer. The application was on hold awaiting the applicant’s response. Unfortunately, the reactivated application contains no amendments that address our concerns. An environmental assessment on widening the 174 to four lanes currently anticipates that there will be no changes until 2031. Despite this fact, and with no public consultation, the following road modifications were approved by the City’s Design, Review and Implementation Unit:

  • Northbound right turn lane on Barnett Drive extension
  • Northbound left turn lane on Barnett Drive extension
  • Traffic signal at Ottawa Road 174 and Barnett Drive extension
  • Westbound left turn lane on Ottawa Road 174 at Barnett Drive
  • Eastbound right turn lane on Ottawa Road 174 at Barnett Drive

The CCA has been unsuccessful in its request to meet with the developer to discuss improvements. No further public meeting is planned. We will continue to monitor this issue. We welcome your comments. Watch for updates on the website.

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