Outdoor Rink - WE NEED YOUR HELP

WE NEED YOUR HELP! With a challenging winter of continued social distancing coming up, the outdoor rink will be welcome entertainment and pleasure for everyone in the community. The CCA is looking for 2 or 3 people who will together take on the responsibility of making and maintaining the ice for the outdoor rink this winter (about 8 weeks). The base is packed after the first snow and there is a forecast for freezing temperatures. After that it is scraping and watering as conditions permit (about 4-5 times per week). We can provide help and instruction on how and what needs to be done, plus all the equipment. If there is a heavy snowfall we have volunteers who can help out using heavy equipment. As a requirement of the city contract we also have to coordinate supervisors evenings and weekends for 2 hour shifts for about 16 hours/week. Please, please consider helping to support this very popular community resource. DEADLINE FOR RESPONSE for ice making and supervising is December 10. If we don't find anyone to do the ice there will not be a rink this year. Please email cumberlandoutdoorrink@gmail.com