Asphaltic Overlay on OR174, Kinsella Dr. and Royal Orchard Dr. OR174/Quigley Hill Rd. Intersection Modifications

From: Euan Swan [
Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2014 07:29 AM
To: Shurb, Darryl; '' <
Cc: Stephen Blais; Euan Swan <
Subject: OR 174 - Proposed Works - Rubble Strips 

Dear Mr Shurb and Mr MacDonald,

I am writing to you concerning the proposed works for Ottawa Road (OR) 174 this summer. The proposed works, as described on the Notice of Public Open House planned for April 15, call for paved shoulders and an upgrade to the guard rail. These will be welcome additions to the 174. However, a safety measure I don’t see mentioned are “rumble strips” along the yellow centre line and white shoulder line.

These safety features would be most beneficial to a road that has school bus stops, garbage pick-up as well as cyclists and the occasional pedestrians not to mention the residential driveways that access  the 174. Having frequently driven along the Quebec route 50 with its rumble strips, I can attest to the value of this safety feature.

I request that consideration be given to including both centre line and shoulder rumble strips as part of the proposed work on the 174.

I look forward to the Public Open House on April 15 in Cumberland’s Maple Hall.


Euan Swan

1677 Ottawa Road 174



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