Pre-View of the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture park

Sunday, July 17, 2016 - 10:30am to 3:30pm

An Invitation to:
Join us for a serene journey right in your own backyard.

The Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park in the National Capital Region is a 9 acre wooded ravine with walking trails and quaint bridges over a meandering creek. Discover sculptures carefully placed in a natural setting and reflect upon their beauty and layers of meaning.
This is an exclusive invitation to get a first glance at this unique development in progress. Explore the possibilities for this multi-use amenity in our community.
Connect with members of the Humanics Institute, take a guided tour, and enjoy some refreshments on us! Join us at 3468 Old Montreal Road from 11:00-3:30 pm on Saturday, July 17, 2016. Come and experience this hidden jewel just outside the Cumberland Village in Ottawa.
The Humanics Sanctuary: Connect, Reflect, and Unwind.
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