Fall Colours Runs / Courses ‘Fall Colours’

Sunday, October 13, 2013 (All day)


On Thanksgiving Sunday a couple of thousand runners and at least as many spectators flooded the grounds of the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum for the annual FALL COLOURS RUN, which included a full marathon, helf marathon, 10, 5, 3, and 1 kilometer runs.

First to go were the children (many accompanied by a parent) following a circuit of one kilometre within the museum grounds.

The beautiful weather resulted in many additional late entrants which delayed the start of the half- and full marathons to ten after ten.  The route took runners through Pierrette area, up Kinsella and Lough, along Wilhaven, over Dunning to Minogue and Milburn, returning to the Museum by the same route.  The half-marathon covered the distance once while the full marathon required two loops.The ten kilometre run started shortly after the marathoners, with this run returning to the Museum after reaching Wilhaven.

The longer distance runs were followed by the 5 and 3 kilometre events. Many of the participants were children, some supported by parents running with them, resulting in a wonderful family day outside. The route took runners into the Pierrette area and back.  

Runners revelled in the perfect weather not always predictable for this time of year.  Brilliant sunshine created perfect running temperature and there was no humidity.  The sheer number of runners flooded the route, particularly in Cumberland Estates as the ten kilometre runners turned around, in good spirit the community came out and cheered all the participants as they passed by.  A huge success and a fabulous way to enjoy Thanksgiving Sunday. We expect many more participants and spectators next year if the weather cooperates again.



On the Sunday of Thanksgiving Weekend (October 13th) there will be runs ranging from one or three kilometers up to  half- and full- marathons, starting and finishing at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum.  While the shorter distances will run just in the Pierrette development, the longer ones will go through there and then on through Cumberland Estates to Wilhaven, coming back to Milburn Crescent for the halfway turnaround, returning to the Museum on the same route.  The half-marathon covers this route once, the full one does it twice. 

For full details of the event go to www.somersault.ca

Dimanche le 13 octobre durant le fin de semaine de l’Action de grâces, plusieurs courses de distances variées comme 1 ou 3 kilomètres jusqu’au demi-marathon et marathon partiront et se termineront au Musée de Cumberland.  Les courses de courtes distances se dérouleront dans le secteur de la rue Pierrette mais les plus longues couvriront Cumberland Estates  et Wilhaven, jusqu’à Milburn Crescent où les coureurs feront demi-tour.  Les coureurs du demi-marathon feront ce parcours une fois tandis que les marathoniens le feront deux fois.

Pour plus d’information visitez www.somersault.ca